Classic Alien
Noel hill classic alien skull
Noel hill classic alien

Just a variant with an opaque dome

Classic Alien - ALIEN Day painting on the iPad Pro

Classic Alien

A quick Painting of the original 1979 alien on the iPad Pro for Alien Day, 4/26. I've always thought that the alien was a lot of fun to draw. I'd be lying if I said Alien and Aliens didn't play a huge role in shaping my artistic tastes. Alien especially had a really massive impact on me. Partly because I was too young to see R-rated movies when I first saw it. Something about it always seemed sacred and spoke on a deeper level. Like we were seeing some secret and horrific truth of the universe that we were never meant to see. It was so more than just the immediate threat of a monster chasing astronauts. It the underlying sense of cosmic dread and the presence of the unfathomable that always waited just out of view.